Using foobar2000 For Professional Audio Pt 2 – Lossless Batch Compression Using FLAC 2

Assuming you followed the instructions in Pt 1 then you now have foobar installed with flac.exe copied into the foobar2000 program files directory.

Some DAW’s and sound editors will let you import and export in FLAC (eg Reaper), while some will not. This tutorial should be very helpful for when you are dealing with software that does not have native FLAC support.

When Might an Audio Professional Need Lossless Compression?

Some typical scenarios in your studio where you might want to losslessly compress the size of audio files are:

  • You have a big multi track project you want to send to someone to collaborate with
  • You would like to archive audio files from a project and save space on the hard drive
  • You have a full album of music you want to sell on-line

In any situation you want to send audio files over the web, or save space on your hard drive, the smaller the files the better. Lossy MP3 can go much smaller when the sound quality doesn’t matter, but in these cases it does.

Typical space saving is about 50%, but in our video example we gain a whopping 81% reduction in file size! This is because the audio in our example is multi-sampled waveforms, these are easier to compress than complex full mixes.

Original size 507 MB
FLAC compressed size 98 MB
Space saved = 409 MB = 81%

Here Is the Video Showing You What to Do:


Don’t forget to change the resolution to 720p HD for maximum picture quality!

Troubleshooting (for rare cases)

* If you get ‘An error occurred while writing to file (The encoder has terminated…’ please make sure you don’t have any older (pre 1.2.0) versions of flac.exe in your WINDOWSsystem32 directory (installed by some other software). If you do, delete it, and re-select the flac.exe in your foobar2000 directory when prompted


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