Using foobar2000 For Professional Audio Pt 1 – Installation And Foobar Setup 6

Welcome to the first part in the series on using the free PC audio player foobar2000 for common tasks in digital audio processing. While there maybe other ways of getting these jobs done, in my experience the fastest and highest quality method is to use foobar, so let’s discuss foobar setup.

Foobar has been developed for over 10 years now and is designed with ease of use and the highest sound quality in mind. It works very well for playing your music collection too!

If you want to keep using your current player (e.g. Winamp) as default for music, you can also install foobar in ‘portable mode’ so it won’t touch your PC’s file associations or alter the registry in any way.

In this series we are going to learn how, using foobar, we can:

  • Play audio bypassing the windows mixer for bit-perfect sound quality
  • Convert large .WAV or .AIFF files to the lossless .FLAC format saving about 50% disc space and upload bandwidth
  • Downsample high bitrate 96k audio to 44.1k using the highest quality SoX algorithms for the very best sound quality
  • Match the volume of multiple files using foobar’s built in replaygain scanner (using latest R128 standard) to prepare for mixing or evaluation

To be able to perform the tasks in this series we are going to need to install foobar and some extras. Foobar is open to 3rd party plugins (called components). These enable extra functions to be integrated easily into foobar.

What Files Do I Need for Foobar Setup?

Please download the following files (latest versions) and copy them into a folder on your hard drive:

foobar2000 installer

WASAPI output support

ASIO support

SoX resampling

FLAC command-line file encoder (contained in .zip file in ‘bin’ directory)

Here they are on my hard drive, these are the latest versions 03.2012. Your folder may look a little different depending on what version of windows you are running and how it is setup.


Now We Will Watch the Video That Shows You How to Install Them and Set Them Up


If you would like to watch the video in higher resolution or full screen mode, please click the YouTube logo on the player above.


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6 thoughts on “Using foobar2000 For Professional Audio Pt 1 – Installation And Foobar Setup

  • struth

    cannot get the program to rip in any format but wma or wav…..the others wont work…They seem to be installed but do not appear in the rip options…any ideas.??? thanks

    • David Post author

      Mmm… I assume you have done as per the video, and still you get no FLAC option.

      My first guess is that you have the wrong FLAC.exe file, there is another FLAC.exe that is the installer rather than the command line, maybe called something like flac-1.2.1b.exe. Are you certain you have the correct FLAC.exe copied into the correct foobar directory?

      You should be able to select to encode in FLAC even without the FLAC.exe file installed, it will prompt you to locate the FLAC.exe file on your hard drive. Check part 2 of the series to see how to select files and get to the correct menu for FLAC encoding, let me know if you get it sorted ok 🙂

  • struth

    thanks for reply…. must be dong something wrong but have no idea what….so as a workaround am converting to flac with media monkey, then playing it in Foobar which defo sounds better..will need to think about it for some time I think…tried it on 2 different machines with different operating systems.only wav works,but will play….

  • struth

    must be something wrong as I download flac and it is there but foobar cannot see it…must be the wrong flac file….got lame mp3 working…

  • struth

    Finally solved the mystery…uninstalled everything…reinstalled foobar and then a encoder pack…opened the encoder pack and it automatically installed into foobar..all working i think…