Table of Contents What is an audio framework? Why do we need audio frameworks? What does your audio interface’s hardware driver do in the audio framework? In Windows you download ASIO / WASAPI drivers which talk directly to your applications In Linux the driver is built into ALSA which talks […]

How Linux Audio Works vs. Windows Audio in 2017

(Updated Feb 2020) So you read Linux Professional Audio Pt 1: What is Linux & Which Version is Best? and understand all about Linux distributions. There are a lot of them, even some that are specially designed for audio like KXStudio and Ubuntu Studio. I want my computer to be […]

Linux Professional Audio Pt 2: Setting Up Fedora

If you have never used Linux before, you will probably wonder why anyone would use it for producing music. It has a reputation as an operating system for geeks that lacks support from DAW and plugin software companies. While this reputation is partly true, being a total geek I wanted […]

Linux Professional Audio Pt 1: What is Linux & Which ...