To normalize audio is to change its overall volume by a fixed amount to reach a target level. It is different from compression that changes volume over time in varying amounts. It does not affect dynamics like compression, and ideally does not change the sound in any way other than […]

How To Normalize Audio – Why Do It? Everything You ...

In this tutorial my aim is to fully explain the workings of just one compressor, Variety of Sound’s ThrillseekerLA. While much of what you learn will be applicable to other compressors, my goal is that you have all the information you need to get fantastic results with this one. This […]

ThrillseekerLA Freeware Compressor Explained

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Introduction To master dynamic range compression we must first define what dynamic range in audio is, and secondly how we measure it. We will see how better technology has allowed us greater dynamic range in recordings, but also question if there is any point. We will start at the fundamentals, […]

Dynamic Range Compression Pt 1 – What Is Dynamic Range?

If you haven’t yet checked out Acustica Audio’s Nebula VST plug-in, i highly recommend it. Read my comprehensive Nebula review. For those of you that are using the plug-in, and would like to get the very best sound quality from it, the good news is that there are various tweaks […]

Nebula VST Plug-in Tips – Switching To TIMED Kernels

The Dream Of The Perfect Analog Synth Emulation For fans of the analog synth, digital emulation has always been a heated topic.16 years ago Steinberg released the first commercially available virtual analog synthesizer called Neon (now a free download). Since then every new emulation has claimed to sound more ‘analog’ […]

How Authentic Is Analog Synth Emulation In VSTi?

Some Background Information On Jake You will probably know Jake from his role as the lead singer in 90’s Britpop band My Life Story. The band is still going strong, and recently played a sell out show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the release of their […]

Jake Shillingford’s Learn Digital Audio Studio Consultation

What Is Nebula? Nebula is a VST plug-in that uses a unique sampling and playback method to achieve very high quality emulations of many types of analog hardware. There are several versions of the plug-in available, I am reviewing the Nebula 3 Pro version. The technology used is called Vectorial […]

Review Of Acustica Audio’s Nebula Plug-in

Assuming you followed the instructions in Pt 1 then you now have foobar installed with flac.exe copied into the foobar2000 program files directory. Some DAW’s and sound editors will let you import and export in FLAC (eg Reaper), while some will not. This tutorial should be very helpful for when […]

Using foobar2000 For Professional Audio Pt 2 – Lossless Batch ...

What is FLAC? FLAC is a free open source lossless audio file compression format. Using it can reduce the size of a typical uncompressed  .WAV or .AIFF file by about 50% and not change the sound in any way. It was launched in 2001 and is still definitely the best […]

FLAC, Lossless Audio, And Why You Should Be Shunning MP3 ...

Welcome to the first part in the series on using the free PC audio player foobar2000 for common tasks in digital audio processing. While there maybe other ways of getting these jobs done, in my experience the fastest and highest quality method is to use foobar, so let’s discuss foobar […]

Using foobar2000 For Professional Audio Pt 1 – Installation And ...