Nebula Explained Update 2

udemy-logoIt’s February 14th and Nebula Explained was due to be released today. Unfortunately it is not quite ready, but the good news is it is now going to be even better than I imagined … and it is already amazing!

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to meet Giancarlo Del Sordo, the genius behind Nebula. I recorded an hour long audio interview with him to be included in Nebula Explained Professional!

I asked him all the questions I wanted answering about Nebula, and also got to learn a whole lot more! My Nebula knowledge has increased and I need to update the course in response.

Here is a photo of me and Giancarlo taken straight after the interview:


Giancarlo (Acustica Audio) left, David (Learn Digital Audio) right (London AES Lecture 11/2/14)

I had the honor to also meet and interview Mirco Reimer from AITB (Analog In The Box). I will put out that interview for free here on the blog in the very near future, and it’s fantastic.

I have been working tirelessly on Nebula Explained Starter and Professional, they are very near completion. I want them to be perfect before releasing them. Thanks to everyone who has been emailing me with questions, I trust I answered them all to your satisfaction.

I hope Nebula Explained will be ready before next weekend. If you join the mailing list you will be informed the moment it goes live:

To finish this post here is a screen shot of my video editing software to give those interested an idea what creating the course looks like. After that are some random screen shots from the course.






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2 thoughts on “Nebula Explained Update

  • POP

    HI DAVID!!!
    what about the course? would it be release in few days?
    can’t wait anymore…checking your website every day!
    A big thanks for your work on the powerfull nebula and for sharing it with all the people who’re looking for sound quality…. i know you have spent lot of your time for it but it’s not wasting time..
    Keep going!!!

    • David Post author

      Thanks!!! It will be released any day.

      Starter is finished and ready to press the publish button. Professional is also uploaded and ready to go, but I decided to add an entire new lecture to professional to make sure I covered everything. The audio is done and I am editing the video now. When that lecture is finished I am ready to publish both courses!

      The main website product page was coded and finished last week. I know I keep on saying its nearly ready, but no joke, it really is! If you are on the ‘Nebula Explained Interested’ mailing list you will be emailed the nanosecond it is released I promise 🙂

      THANKS for your kind words and support 🙂