Nebula Explained Pro Course Reduced from $95 to $45!


I am happy to announce an immediate massive discount on my Nebula Explained Professional and Starter courses!

They were already selling well at the old price, so from now on Nebula users are going to get an amazing deal!

Udemy changed their pricing system, I thought about moving the courses to another site to keep my original pricing, but Udemy have provided such an excellent service I don’t want to leave them. They are constantly improving their site, and their customer support has been outstanding.

The extra 10% discount from the new list price is only available if you buy directly from the course home page. There you can also see free preview videos and read all about the courses in detail.

Today there has never been a better time to subscribe to Nebula Explained!

Even though both courses have been out a while, Nebula 3 has not changed a bit. They are as relevant now as the day they were released. They will still be relevant for Nebula 4, the Volterra Kernel technology has not changed as far as the user is concerned, just the interface.


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