Nebula Explained **Price Cut** & New Free Videos!

20% Summer Price Cut On Nebula Explained Professional

I am happy to announce I have permanently reduced the price of the premium Nebula Explained Professional online Udemy course by 20% from $119 to $95! This is due to the sheer number of you that have been writing to me to ask for a discount. This is in effect immediately.

New ‘Taster’ Videos With Loads Of Free Content!

INebula_Explained_Preview have created two brand new ‘free taster’ videos for Starter and Professional. They both detail exactly what is in each course and feature loads of brand new free content from both courses.

Don’t forget to check out the full details of both courses, and keep an eye open for the full Sound on Sound review that is coming out very soon.

Don’t forget to switch YouTube to HD 720P for maximum enjoyment.

Nebula Explained Professional FREE Taster

Nebula Explained Starter FREE Taster

Hope you enjoy them, and look forward to seeing you on the Nebula Explained course!


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