Nebula Explained Course Starts February 14th


udemy-logoLearn Digital Audio is excited to announce a comprehensive online Udemy course for Acustica Audio’s Nebula Plug-In. Nebula Explained is to be launched Friday February 14th. It is a true labour of love that has been in full time development for over 8 months.

Three Versions to Choose From

There are three different versions of the course that have been specially tailored to the needs of different users. All versions are produced to the same extremely high standard and contain self-test review sections throughout to help you consolidate and accelerate your learning.

Once you are signed up for the course you have lifetime access with no limits. There is iPhone, iPad and Android accessibility as standard and a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Nebula Explained Starter – Introductory Price $39


  • Want a clear and easy explanation of how to best set-up and operate Nebula?
  • Are you confused by terms like Kernels, Vectors and DSPBUFFER?
  • Ever wondered what the real difference is between the ‘Nebula’ and ‘Nebula Reverb’ plug-ins?

Starter contains the basic but essential information that every Nebula user needs to know. If you are a casual user or just getting started, this course will save you hours of frustration and take your understanding and practical knowledge of Nebula to the next level.

Nebula Explained Starter will be available at the introductory price by obtaining a special voucher exclusively from from 14th February.

NOTE: Nebula Explained Starter comes with a 20% off Nebula Explained Professional voucher, but please remember, Starter is contained within Professional, so if you think you will want to go Professional in the future it is better value to just buy Nebula Explained Professional now.

Nebula Explained Professional – Introductory Price $119


  • Would you like to edit your XML files and customize your install?
  • Know exactly what every setting inside Nebula does and how you can use it to your advantage?
  • Find out how the technology behind Nebula works and learn the secrets of the ‘Dynamic Dimension’!

This is the full version of the course and contains all the detailed information about using Nebula that the professional user demands. It contains all the material included in Starter and builds on this to provide all the specialist knowledge to transform your way of working with Nebula and the results you can achieve.

This Course is the One you Have Been Waiting For!

All subjects are covered in full detail with extensive real world examples. By the time you complete this course you will have gained a deep understanding of how Nebula works and all the practical skills to use it and its associated libraries to their greatest potential.

Nebula Explained Professional will be available at the introductory price by obtaining a special voucher exclusively from from 14th February.

Nebula Explained Ultimate – Coming This Summer – $199

  • Video Interviews with key figures in the Nebula world.
  • Specially created Nebula programs and exclusive full unrestricted free versions taken from major releases.
  • In depth tutorials using the exclusive supplied programs.

… and much much more, this is what Nebula fanatics have been dreaming about!

Stay tuned… Nebula Explained Ultimate is still under development, its estimated launch is this Summer. It will be available as a standalone course including Starter and Professional as well as a separate add-on for previous Professional customers.

The Clock is Ticking!

Keep an eye open for more information being posted here, and if you have any questions you can post them below or contact me directly.

Please sign up to the Nebula Explained mailing list for all the latest information and to be notified the moment it is released.


In case you did not catch the Secrets Of Gain Staging video preview from the course, here it is:

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