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EDIT: It is near the end of 2020 now, and nobody has replied once to this article! I run analytics and a lot of people are visiting this site, maybe people don’t care if this site continues?

Hello my dear readers,

It’s 2018, and I am not sure how to proceed with this site. My course ‘The Best Free Plugins Explained’ proved to be too epic to complete, I spent months of 9-5 on it, but was never able to see the end in sight. I learned a valuable lesson in not biting off more than I could chew. The standard was just too high for the level of sales I could expect.

The only money this site makes at the moment is through people buying my ‘Nebula Explained’ course, which I am happy to report they still are, but it won’t go on forever. I get hundreds of people visiting here every day, and many questions and comments all the time. The site is obviously still popular, but I need to justify the huge amount of time it takes to create quality content. I did it purely for fun before, but it stopped me from doing many other enjoyable activities I would like to get back into… like actually making some music myself.

I was toying with the idea of adverts, sponsored articles, and affiliate links. What do you guys think? Of course, you hate the idea LOL, but could you tolerate them for more sweet awesome content?

What type of things would you like to see on the site? Reviews, interviews, tutorials?

Please do give your opinion in the comments, I am really looking to get some feedback at this point. Cheers!


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3 thoughts on “The Future of Learn Digital Audio

  • Jaycee

    Fell upon this site by accident (Chrome search for Foobar setup). Surprised by what I saw, quality appears quite good but being highly specialized has some drawbacks (i.e. less traffic).
    I don’t mind adverts on web sites (it is not worst than TV) and if it keeps the site up and running, why not?

  • Peter Benson

    Just discovered this wonderfully educational site a week ago! Reviews and shoot-outs are my favorite cup of tea!

    For example: It would be nice to see covered, Softube’s CONSOLE 1 hardware/software offerings compared to any competitors (if they exist at all)!