Finally the wait is over! Nebula Explained Starter and Professional are now officially released. Proceed directly to the Nebula Explained enrolment page and you can download the entire syllabus for both courses and sign up right away. Important: You must sign up via the link to get a discounted price, […]

Nebula Explained Udemy Course Released Today

It’s February 14th and Nebula Explained was due to be released today. Unfortunately it is not quite ready, but the good news is it is now going to be even better than I imagined … and it is already amazing! Earlier this week I was lucky enough to meet Giancarlo […]

Nebula Explained Update

Learn Digital Audio is excited to announce a comprehensive online Udemy course for Acustica Audio’s Nebula Plug-In. Nebula Explained is to be launched Friday February 14th. It is a true labour of love that has been in full time development for over 8 months. Three Versions to Choose From There […]

Nebula Explained Course Starts February 14th

With the recent revelations about PRISM it is now 100% clear that corporations and government are very happy to spy on you and lie about it. This post is a bit off topic for digital audio, but if you are interested I have some great information to share with you. […]

A Beginners Guide To Internet Privacy and Security

The Dream Of The Perfect Analog Synth Emulation For fans of the analog synth, digital emulation has always been a heated topic.16 years ago Steinberg released the first commercially available virtual analog synthesizer called Neon (now a free download). Since then every new emulation has claimed to sound more ‘analog’ […]

How Authentic Is Analog Synth Emulation In VSTi?

Some Background Information On Jake You will probably know Jake from his role as the lead singer in 90’s Britpop band My Life Story. The band is still going strong, and recently played a sell out show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the release of their […]

Jake Shillingford’s Learn Digital Audio Studio Consultation