Nebula Universal Program Explorer

For all users of Acustica Audio’s Nebula VST Plug-in, Learn Digital Audio proudly present the Nebula Universal Program Explorer! Browse the entire universe of Nebula programs and libraries from here. Finding exactly the audio hardware emulation you are looking for is now made easy.

  • Sort by category (EQ, Reverb, Dynamics…)
  • Search for the original hardware or manufacturer and instantly see all programs based on it
  • Direct link to the products home page and forum release announcement thread
  • Use arrow buttons to sort the categories into ascending or descending order and type in the search box. * Updated Mar 2016

* This database is unofficial and is not linked to Acustica Audio or any 3rd party program developer. The ‘based on’ category is an educated guess and is provided for entertainment purposes only.

NameTypeBased OnCreatorCostProduct PageForum Link
APEq CollectionEQAPI 550bAITBLinkLink
Doc FearEQD.W. Fearn VT-4AITBLink
Fate EQEQNeve 1073AITBLinkLink
Germanos EQ SeriesEQSiemens W295b / Telefunken W695 / TAB W95c / Neumann W492AITBLinkLink
Mammoth EQEQManley Massive PassiveAITBLinkLink
Fate CompressorDynamicsNeve 2254AITBLinkLink
Snap CompressorDynamicsAITBLinkLink
E.A.R. - RoomsReverbVariousAITBLinkLink
E.A.R. - HallsReverbVariousAITBLink
Tank VerbReverbAccutronics SpringAITBLinkLink
Tube Console BundleConsoleAITBLinkLink
Phonocamptica 2ReverbAITBLinkLink
E.A.R. - PlatesReverbVariousAITBLink
E.A.R. - SpacesReverbVariousAITBLink
Neev N14 ConsoleConsoleNeve 8014AlexBLinkLink
Neev N73 eQEQNeve 1073AlexBLinkLink
Neev N64 DynamicsDynamicsNeve 2264AlexBLinkLink
Neev N54 DynamicsDynamicsNeve 2254AlexBLinkLink
American 16ConsoleAPI 1608AlexBLinkLink
American 5AEQAPI 550AAlexBLinkLink
American 5BEQAPI 550BAlexBLinkLink
American 5DDynamicsAPI 525AlexBLinkLink
American 5MEQAPI 5500AlexBLinkLink
Modern Flagship ConsoleConsoleAMS 88RSAlexBLinkLink
PTeQ Vintage PoolTeQEQPultec EQP-1AAlexBLinkLink
MLeQ Modern Logic eQEQSSL 9000KAlexBLinkLink
TLeQ Crimson eQEQTL Audio CrimsonAlexBLinkLink
MWeQ Modern White eQEQRND 5033AlexBLinkLink
VMeQ - Vintage Master eQEQTeldec MPE10AlexBLinkLink
PC&SCollectionVarious PreampsAlexBLinkLink
MTP Modern Tube PreampPreampADL 600AlexBLinkLink
MLC Modern Logic ConsoleConsoleSSL 9000KAlexBLinkLink
MWC Modern White ConsoleConsoleRND 5088AlexBLinkLink
MTC Modern Tube ConsoleConsoleTL Audio VTCAlexBLinkLink
GMC German Mastering ConsoleConsoleNeumann SP79AlexBLinkLink
GMD German Mastering DynamicsDynamicsNeumann U473AlexBLinkLink
76D 76 Dynamics CollectionDynamicsUniversal Audio 1176 VintageAlexBLinkLink
MWD Modern White DynamicsDynamicsRND 5043AlexBLinkLink
OTD Opto Tube DynamicsDynamicsTube-Tech CL 1BAlexBLinkLink
VNL VinylizerEffectAlexBLinkLink
VSF Vintage Synth FiltersFilterMinimoog / Korg MS20 / CustomAlexBLinkLink
R2RTapeStuder / Otari / Revox / Wollensak / Lafayette / Sony / Akai / TeacCDSMLink
Tape Booster +TapeCDSMLink
THE Drum CompressorDynamicsCDSMLinkLink
Tube Trek PE1CEQTube-Tech PE 1CCDSMLinkLink
BXQ Baxandall EqualizerEQXQP 535 Program EQCDSMLinkLink
The GEQ-8300EQGML 8200CDSMLink
Focal Point 115HD EQEQFocusrite ISA 115CDSMLinkLink
The Bogen Vintage Tube Mixer/EQ ComboEQCDSMLinkLink
Peak EQ 200AEQSummit Audio EQ-200CDSMLink
Siemens W295BEQSiemens W295BCDSMLink
Mastering SuiteEQCDSMLink
Tube Bender EQEQCDSMLinkLink
Globe ConsoleConsoleSphere EclipseCDSMLinkLink
MCI JH 536ConsoleCDSMLink
Vintage BBC ConsoleConsoleCDSMLink
Custom British Recording ConsoleConsoleCDSMLink
Vintage Tube CollectionTubeVariousCDSMLink
Tube BoosterTubeCDSMLink
Retro Analog Studio SuiteCollectionCDSMLink
The Producer's Pack 1CollectionCDSMLink
The Producer's Pack 2CollectionCDSMLink
Apex Tape CollectionCollectionAmpex TapesCDSMLinkLink
Cassette Deck 2TapeCupwiseLinkLink
Cassette Deck 1+TapeCupwiseLinkLink
Tube FM 1TubeCupwiseLinkLink
Tube FM 2CabinetCupwiseLinkLink
Tube FM 3ReverbCupwiseLinkLink
Tube FM 4
Color SpringsReverbCupwiseLinkLink
YouRei HP/LP FiltersFilterUREI 565TCupwiseLinkLink
Custom TremolosModulationCupwiseLinkLink
Pioneer Analog Echo / ReverbReverbPioneer SR-60CupwiseFREE / CommercialLinkLink
KultComp TubeDistortionSPL KultubeGeminiLinkLink
NVE 73 PREPreampNeve 1073GeminiLinkLink
Listen aReM2MicrophoneK47 capsule, AC701 Tube and a Nickel-Iron-TransformerGeminiLinkLink
aR-122 ValveMicrophoneGeminiLinkLink
Braun VeM1MicrophoneGeminiLinkLink
KultCompDynamicsSPL KultubeGeminiLinkLink
G2500DynamicsAPI 2500GeminiLinkLink
G76DynamicsUREI 1176LNGeminiLinkLink
VNXTEMT14096ReverbEMT 140 PlateVNXTLink
VNXTBX20EReverbAKG BX20E SpringVNXTLinkLink
VNXTEMT14096 (2s Tail)ReverbEMT 140 PlateVNXTFREELink
RE501MXD2ReverbRE501 - Roland Chorus Echo SpringVNXTFREELink
Pioneer SR-202WReverbPioneer SR-202WVNXTFREELink
VNXTBX20E (2.5s Tail)ReverbAKG BX20E SpringVNXTFREELinkLink
VNXTBX15ReverbAKG BX15 SpringVNXTLinkLink
YR Free PresetsCollectionYRFREELinkLink
L-401 Vintage ConsoleConsoleLangevin AM4ASTNLink
Vintage L Filter SetFilterLangevin EQ-259-ASTNLink
Moog 4poleFilterMoog Voyager RMESTNLink
T-Res FilterFilterJoMox T-resSTN
Powered BusPreampLEVR + LilPEQrSTNLink
A-American/N-British Pre-amp StagePreampAPI 312 / Neve 1272STNLink
American 512c Pre-amp StagePreampAPI 512cSTNLink
LApreA Gain StagePreampADL 1500STNFREELink
nrA EnhancerPreampDolby 363STNLink
LEVel Up Gain StagePreampLEVRSTNLink
MPCee3k SamplerPreampMPC 3000STNLink
3500 Studio SamplerPreampEventide H3500STN
Vintage IronPreampUTC TransformersSTNLink
Plex (Tape Delay)DelayMaestro EchoplexSTNLink
Analog DoublerDelayADA TFX4STNLink
Reverb 480ReverbLexicon 480LSTNLink
Reverb H35KReverbEventide H3500STNLink
6k HallsReverbTC System 6000STNLink
Verb 5kReverbTC M5000STNLink
3k ROOMSReverbTC M3000STNLink
UNI-SPRINGReverbUnivibe Pro Spring
Iso BoothReverbTreated Iso BoothSTNLink
Zodiac Console CompressorDynamicsAMS Neve DFC GeminiSTNLink
VM-Comp/LimiterDynamicsHCL VarisSTNLink
Stripe 76DynamicsUREI 1176LN Rev A. Blue StripeSTN
DME 1968 FET/Tube CompressorDynamicsDrawmer 1968STNLink
165a Compressor/LimiterDynamicsdBx 165ASTNLink
NAG TApe – Electromagnetic TapeTapeNagra 2tk Master RecorderSTNLink
STUD a810 – Electromagnetic TapeTapeStuder a810STNLink
Amp DeluxeCabinetFender Deluxe Amp (Modified)STNLink
Classic ShelfEQManley / LangevinSTN
RCA/A-ironEQRCA 56-E / API 312STN
MiniMoo PrePreampMinimoog Line Amp/Output stageSTNLink
OberPrePreampOberheim Amp/Output stageSTNLink
MILITARY-TubeTubeSylvania JAN 6189W/12AU7STNLink
VM-TubeTubeHCL VarisSTN
Not FeebleEQJoe Meek “Q” SeriesTMLinkLink
Xformer VerdaEQJoe Meek “Q” SeriesTMLinkLink
My Son MaxEnhancerTMLink
Ms. SmithEnhancerCustomTMFREELink
So TranscitedEnhancerTMLinkLink
VCultDistortionThermionic Culture VultureTMLinkLink
78 FiveDynamicsFocusrite Platinum PentaTMLinkLink
Green SqueezeDynamicsJoe Meek “Q” SeriesTMLinkLink
Draw HerDynamicsDrawmer 1968 METMLink
Top DogDistortionBoss 100 Guitar PreampTMFREELinkLink
El EnhancerEnhancerSPL VitalizerTIMPLinkLink
DualtechEQPultec EQP-1ATIMPLinkLink
Vintage GyratorEQAUDIX 35102TIMPLinkLink
Sum 100a V1 leveling ampDynamicsTIMPLinkLink
Unique U76Dynamics1176TIMPLinkLink
TNT DynamicsDynamicsValley People DynamiteTIMPLinkLink
Cal Dl1656DynamicsCalrec Dl1656TIMPLinkLink
X FilterFilterTIMPLinkLink
Classic Phaser PedalsModulationTIMPLinkLink
The Great SpringReverbTIMPLinkLink
Ms10 Synth FilterFilterKorg MS10TIMPLinkLink
Silk EQEQSiemens 295bTIMPLinkLink
ELC24 STEREO EQEQElcom / Decca HybridTIMPLinkLink
N 2065FilterNeve 2065TIMPLinkLink
Solid SpringReverbFender Fr1000TIMPLinkLink
Focus CompDynamicsFocusrite OptoTIMPFREE / DonateLinkLink
Public BetaCabinetBogner 4x12 / Celestion Vintage 30OHFREELinkLink
Egg Twister 6L6PowerampEgnater TweakerOHLink
Egg Twister 6V6PowerampEgnater TweakerOHLink
Egg Twister KT77PowerampEgnater TweakerOHLink
Frame Snake EL34PowerampFramus CobraOHLink
Frame Snake KT77PowerampFramus CobraOHLink
FryHT KT88PowerampVHT 2/90/2OHLink
IncendoSphere 6L6PowerampEngl e635 Fireball 100OHLink
Ragdoll 5IIPowerampRandall V2OHLink
Theater of LifeReverbReal RoomRHLinkLink
Theater of LifeReverbReal RoomRHFREELinkLink
The Reverb CollectionReverbTC System 6000GLPLinkLink
110 SolairePreampUad Solo/110AA
4KG To HeavenPreampSSL 4000 Chanel StripAA
510 SolairePreampUad Solo/510AA
512 Park AvenuePreampAPI 512AA
610 SolairePreampUad Solo/610AA
Analog ChannelPreampSSL 4000 Chanel StripAA
ASR ADAPreampAda Mp-1AA
Back To GenesiPreampDigitech GenesisAA
BEH Tube AGtrPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube BassPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube EGtrPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube GuitarPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube KeyboarPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube LimitPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube NeutralPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube Voc IPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH Tube Voc IIPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BEH ValvePreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
BMX Super bikePreampDbx 376AA
BMX 376PreampDbx 376AA
BMX 376 lightPreampDbx 376AA
Calculator 1061PreampCalrec 1061AA
EMU-Z PreamplifyPreampEmu S5000AA
Into the GroovePreampGroove Tubes The BrickAA
KGB 007 MixerPreampKsg MixerAA
KGB 625 Bass PrePreampKsg 625AA
KGB 625 PreampliPreampKsg 625AA
Los Angeles 2APreampUniversal Audio 2108AA
Los Angeles 2d10PreampUniversal Audio 2108AA
M5 Roadster IPreampAvalon M5AA
M5 Roadster IIPreampAvalon M5AA
M5 TurboPreampAvalon M5AA
MAC ADA vlzPreampMackie Vlz3AA
MAC OnyxPreampMackie Onyx-IAA
MAC vlz pannerPreampMackie Vlz3AA
MICRO DistorsionPreampMicromoogAA
REVIVERPreampBehringer Tube UltragainAA
StateOfLogic IPreampSSL 4000 Chanel StripAA
StateOfLogic IIPreampSSL 4000 Chanel StripAA
NIV Summing ampPreampAms Neve 8816 Summing PreampAA
Super Bass TonePreampMarshall Super BassAA
Tasmania US224PreampTascam Us224AA
U5 Cabrio IPreampAvalon U5AA
U5 Cabrio IPreampAvalon U5AA
VIR Hard IPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Hard IIPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Light IPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Light IIPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Light IIIPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR MediumPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Medium IIPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR SoftPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
YAMME DspFactoryPreampAda Mp-1AA
MAC vlz pan IIPreampMackie Vlz3AA
4KG To Heaven SPreampSSL 4000 Chanel StripAA
610 Solaire SPreampUad Solo/610AA
ASR ADA SPreampAda Mp-1AA
Back To Genesi SPreampNeve Genesys 16AA
M5 Roadster I SPreampAvalon M5AA
M5 Turbo SPreampAvalon M5AA
MAC vlz panner SPreampMackie Vlz3AA
NIV Summing a SPreampAms Neve 8816 Summing PreampAA
VIR Soft SPreampAccess Virus Rack XlAA
2020 Yakuzi CompDynamicsYamaha 2020AA
2020 Yakuzi C IIDynamicsYamaha 2020AA
Boeing 747 CompDynamicsAvalon 747AA
DIGI Dual-tubeDynamicsDigitech Studio 400AA
DIGI Vacuum IIDynamicsDigitech Studio 400AA
Do U wanna comp?DynamicsAA
French CompDynamicsAA
Fruitjoy comp IDynamicsJoemeek OneqAA
Fruitjoy comp IIDynamicsJoemeek OneqAA
Nightmare IDynamicsAA
Nightmare IIDynamicsAA
Starlight compDynamicsAA
Bmx 376 Comp NumDynamicsDbx 376AA
2020 Yakuzi CNUMDynamicsYamaha 2020AA
My Friend JoeDynamicsJoemeek OneqAA
2055 Angels HIEQAvalon 2055AA
2055 Angels LOEQAvalon 2055AA
2055 Angels MDEQAvalon 2055AA
Boeing 747 EqEQAvalon 747AA
Channel One EqEQJoemeek OneqAA
Danish EqEQAA
Fruitjoy eQ IEQJoemeek OneqAA
Fruitjoy eQ IIEQJoemeek OneqAA
Fruitjoy lin IEQJoemeek OneqAA
Fruitjoy lin IIEQJoemeek OneqAA
KGB 625 EQEQKsg 625AA
KGB Press filterEQKsg 625AA
MAC vlz eQEQMackie Vlz3AA
MAC vlz high IEQMackie Vlz3AA
MAC vlz high IIEQMackie Vlz3AA
MAC vlz mid IEQMackie Vlz3AA
StateOfLogic HIEQSSL 292AA
StateOfLogic LOEQSSL 292AA
StateOfLogic MDEQSSL 292AA
Vintage EQ IEQNeve 1073AA
Vintage EQ IIEQNeve 1073AA
Vital EqEQAA
058-B TimeEQAA
Channel One AirEQJoemeek OneqAA
Ape One EqEQAPI 550AA
2055 Angels HI SEQAvalon 2055AA
2055 Angels LO SEQAvalon 2055AA
2055 Angels MD SEQAvalon 2055AA
Channel One Eq SEQJoemeek OneqAA
Danish Eq SEQAA
Fruitjoy lin SEQJoemeek OneqAA
KGB 625 EQ SEQKsg 625AA
StateOfLogicHI SEQSSL 292AA
StateOfLogicLO SEQSSL 292AA
StateOfLogicMD SEQSSL 292AA
Vintage EQ SEQNeve 1073AA
Vital Eq SEQAA
ANT Highpass 2pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Highpass 4pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Highpass 6pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Highpass 8pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Lowpass 2pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Lowpass 4pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Lowpass 6pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Lowpass 8pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandpass 2pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandpass 4pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandpass 6pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandpass 8pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandstop 2pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandstop 4pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandstop 6pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
ANT Bandstop 8pFilterAntares Avp-1AA
EMU-Z BandPassFilterEmu E5000AA
EMU-Z BandPass LFilterEmu E5000AA
EMU-Z LowPassFilterEmu E5000AA
Mooged Lowp IFilterMoog VoyagerAA
Mooged Lowp IIFilterMoog VoyagerAA
StateOfL F HIFilterSSL 292AA
StateOfL F LOFilterSSL 292AA
Surgical HipassFilterAA
Surgical LowpassFilterAA
UP3 HighpassFilterAA
UP3 LowpassFilterAA
VIR Hipass 2pFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Hipass 4p IFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Hipass 4p IIFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Lowpass 4pFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Lowpass 4p DFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Lowpass 6pFilterAccess Virus Rack XlAA
Bonnie & ClydeTapeAA
Dusty old tapeTapeAA
Sonic tape ITapeSony Tc-640AA
Sonic tape IITapeSony Tc-640AA
Sonic tape IIITapeSony Tc-640AA
Sonnie WeatherTapeSony Tc-640AA
Strudel A81 ITapeStuder A810AA
Strudel A81 IITapeStuder A810AA
Strudel A81 IIITapeStuder A810AA
Tape & BassTapeAA
TEKA 3340-S ITapeTeac A3340AA
TEKA 3340-S IITapeTeac A3340AA
Tape 5042TapeNeve Portico 5042 Tape EmulatorAA
Tape 5042 IITapeNeve Portico 5042 Tape EmulatorAA
Aka Eric STapeTeac A3340AA
CJV (ppp)TapeJvc TdAA
Color TapeTapeAA
Tecnicool (ppp)TapeTechnics RsAA
Triple Fox (ppp)TapeFostex X12AA
Triple F-2 (ppp)TapeFostex X12AA
Eric TEAChesTapeTeac A3340AA
Wood for KenTapeKenwood KxAA
ElectronicVox IMicrophoneElectrovoice Rv20AA
ElectronicVox IIMicrophoneElectrovoice Rv20AA
Goldmann TLM IMicrophoneNeumann TlmAA
Goldmann TLM IIMicrophoneNeumann TlmAA
KappaG C-414 IMicrophoneAkg C-414AA
KappaG C-414 IIMicrophoneAkg C-414AA
New manMicrophoneNeumann U87AA
Sure IMicrophoneShure Sm57AA
Sure IIMicrophoneShure Sm57AA
FND BassmanCabinetFender 59 BassmanAA
FND FrontmanCabinetFender Pr-241AA
FND Guitar amp ICabinetFender 65 TwinverbAA
FND VibroluxCabinetFender VibroluxAA
King KongCabinetMarshall Jcm800 (2203KK)AA
Mars AttackCabinetMarshall Jcm800AA
Peavey ampCabinetPeavey 6505AA
Vintage ampCabinetVox Ac30AA
Zoom Bass AmpliCabinetZoom B1AA
70 ChorusModulationLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Stereo flangeModulationLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Super ChorusModulationLexicon Pcm 70AA
ASR ResophaserModulationAda Mp-1AA
CSL PolyphaserModulationAA
DIG 41ModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG 53ModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG 57ModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG 61ModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Stereo flangModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Dual chor IIModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Dual phazerModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG TremoloModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Bright chorModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Custom FlangModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Dual FlangeModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Octal chorusModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Psycho-deliaModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Psychopan ChModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Quad ChorusModulationDigitech Studio 400AA
JAH PhazorModulationAA
KRZ Medium chorsModulationKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ RapidflangerModulationKurzweil Ksp8AA
MICRO PhaserModulationMicromoogAA
MIDI QuadrachorsModulationAlesis MidiverbAA
MIDI LezlieModulationAlesis MidiverbAA
MIDI AutopannerModulationAlesis MidiverbAA
NEB Come to hellModulationAA
NEB PongChampionModulationAA
Notch in timeModulationAA
PhazerWorks 50ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 500ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 1000ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 1500ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 2000ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 2500ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 3000ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 3500ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 4000ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 4500ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 5000ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 100ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 150ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 200ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 250ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 300ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 350ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 400ModulationRadial PhazerAA
PhazerWorks 450ModulationRadial PhazerAA
QUA Amazing bassModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Pband lezlieModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Chain IModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Chain IIModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Detune + 12ModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Chorus IModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Chorus IIModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Flange IModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Flange IIModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Flange IIIModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Twitch flangModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Mono flangerModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA SuspedalModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA TriggerModulationAlesis QuadraverbAA
Ultra WahWah AModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah LModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah MModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah NModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah OModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah BModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah CModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah DModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah EModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah FModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah GModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah HModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
Ultra WahWah IModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
UFN Ultra Wah WaModulationBehringer Ultra Wah Uw300AA
VIR FlangerModulationAcces Virus Rack XlAA
VIR PhaserModulationAcces Virus Rack XlAA
VIR VVKT FlangeModulationAcces Virus Rack XlAA
WWW Flanger IModulationAA
WWW Flanger IIModulationAA
WWW Flanger IIIModulationAA
WWW TremoloModulationAA
YAMME SymphonicModulationAda Mp-1AA
70 Concert HallReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 EverybodyReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Gated chamberReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Gated plateReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 GymnasiumReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Gymnasium IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Let me GoReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Lang HallReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Lang Hall IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Medium HallReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Rich chambsReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Rich ChamberReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Rich plate IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Rich plateReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Smallplate IReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Smallplate IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Small roomReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Small room IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Tiledroom IReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Tiledroom IIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
70 Tiledroom IIIReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
Vocal IIReverbAA
Vocal IIIReverbAA
Bubble Goes ApeReverbAA
DIG Big churchReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Big springReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Bright hallReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Cement roomReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Concert IReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Concert IIReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Dark hallReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Flat chamberReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Gold plateReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Large roomReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Mini hallReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG PlateReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Small churchReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Snare plateReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG SpringReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Studio recReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Studio roomReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Thin plateReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Vocal plateReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
DIG Warm chamberReverbDigitech Studio 400AA
JAH Spring rebervReverbFostex 3180AA
KRZ Big kickReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Big snareReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Bright drumReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Full bassReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Opera IIReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Opera houseReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Real roomsReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Rich plateReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
KRZ Sweet hallReverbKurzweil Ksp8AA
QUA Ballad snareReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Concert IReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Concert IIReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Rad kickReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA SmallroomReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA SpreadReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA DreamverbReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Kings chambsReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Rich chambsReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Rock acusticReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Small vocalReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Taj mahalReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Large VocalReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
QUA Wrong wayReverbAlesis QuadraverbAA
RV Box VoxReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Bright chambsReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Dark chamberReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Drum plateReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Guitar plateReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Large hallReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Larger roomReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Medium hallReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Medium roomReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Night clubReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Rave partyReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Small hallReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Small roomReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Studioverb 1ReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Studioverb 2ReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Studioverb 3ReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Tight roomReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Tiled roomReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Vocal hallReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
RV Vocal plateReverbDigitech Rv-7AA
U 140 PlateReverbEmt 140AA
VIR AmbienceReverbAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR HallReverbAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Large roomReverbAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Smallroom IReverbAccess Virus Rack XlAA
VIR Smallroom IIReverbAccess Virus Rack XlAA
70 Midi Inf RvbReverbLexicon Pcm 70AA
VIR Hall IIReverbAcces Virus Rack XlAA
DeepSea2000M 001ReverbTc Electronic M2000AA
DeepSea4000M 006ReverbTc Electronic M4000AA
DeepSea2000M 002ReverbTc Electronic M2000AA
300 SpartansReverbLexicon Mx300AA
960 Fat PlatesReverbLexicon 960AA
960 Large RoomsReverbLexicon 960AA
Art AmbienceReverbIk Multimedia Workstation RackAA
BRaVEheaRt HallReverbIk Multimedia Workstation RackAA
BRaVEheaRt PlateReverbIk Multimedia Workstation RackAA
CoSta Rica HallReverbIk Multimedia Workstation RackAA
CoSta Rica PlateReverbIk Multimedia Workstation RackAA
HS Room Big DrkReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Room MidReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Room Sml WoodReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Room Sml DarkReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Room Sml PercReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Church PianoReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS SpringReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Plate ShortReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Plate GuitarReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Plate OldReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Plate ClassicReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Hall WarmReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Hall BigReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Hall MidReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Hall SmallReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS SaxReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Vocal BalladReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
HS Vocal SilkReverbNebula Hs Reverb (HISPASONIC)AA
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